Hoa library as a suite of objects and patchs for Max software by Cycling’74.

HoaLibrary v2.2 for Max

Important : If you have already installed any previous version of the library, you should remove them before installing the new one. 
The version 2.2 is compatible with Max 6.1.9 and higher for Windows and Mac in both 32/64bit mode. 
A patch for the SN3D implementation et la compatibility with the ambiX format is available.

Version 2.2 :

Mac & Windows (01/07/2015).
SN3D_Patch (05/23/2017).

Feedback and comments are welcome.

All sources codes are available on the HoaLibrary-Max Github repository.

The hoa.library is under the terms of the GNU Public License. If you’d like to avoid the restrictions of the GPL and use Hoa Library for a closed-source product, please contact us.

Older versions :
Mac (v2.0.1 for Max 6.1 or higher) (08/09/2014).
Mac (v1.3.1 for Max 6) (03/11/2013).
Mac (v1.2 for Max 5) (25/04/2013).

Windows (v2.0 for Max 6.1 or higher) (07/24/2014).
Windows (v1.3.1 for Max 6) (03/11/2013).
Windows / Mac (v1.1 for Max 5) (17/03/2013).