Sélection non exhaustive de compositions utilisant la bibliothèque HOA et d’œuvres réinterprétées avec la bibliothèque HOA. Concert-Lecture “Musique Mixte pour la Guitare” Journée Européennes du Patrimoine – 17 septembre 2016 (Composition) Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord, Saint-Denis Guitare : Amèlia Mazarico     Concert Musique Mixte pour la Clarinette – 29 Juin 2016 […]

Envelop for Live (E4L)

Envelop for Live (E4L) is an open source audio production framework for spatial audio composition and performance. Envelop for Live combines Ableton Live as a front end and music production environment with a Max/MSP application as a standalone spatial effects processor and renderer. Envelop for Live is designed to be a highly modular, flexible platform […]

Workshop “Spatialization using Ambisonics” à la PdCon16~

Spatialization using Ambisonics is a workshop presented by Pierre Guillot the november 16th, at the Stevens Institute of Technology for the 5th International Pure Data Convention – NYC – November 16-20th, 2016.

Audiovisual live performance “” by Julien Bayle

The project is an audiovisual live performance exploring different sound synthesis contexts, sound visualization and which uses the spherical environment and multi-channels as one of the core of the synthesis of sound itself.The project has been created and performed by Julien Bayle in May and June 2016 at the SAT Montréal and ELECTRA. […]

Research seminar “Sound Spaces Creation” at Paris 8 University

Sound Spaces Creation is a research seminar for Master students instructed by Pierre Guillot during the first semester of 2016 and 2017 that offers to explore the sound spatialization techniques in an artistic and musical framework. This seminar presents a theoretical approach and a practical approach of the spatialization models, including especially the Ambisonics techniques […]


(Français) L’équipe d’HOA présentera une installation interactive dans le cadre du salon Dionys’Hum du 14 au 16 avril 2015.

Les vitrines 2014

(Français) L’équipe d’HOA présentera une installation interactive à la Gaité Lyrique dans le cadre des Vitrines du Labex Arts H2H le mardi 8 et le mercredi 9 octobre.

Composition workshop

The composition workshop of the Paris 8 University, directed by José-Manuel Lopez Lopez, welcomed the “Percussions de Strasbourg” for concerts of mixed pieces written by students of the music department the 19th and 20th of June 2014. These creations allowed us to test the HoaLibrary rendering in a concert situation.

PdWeekend 2013

Video presentation of the Hoa Library for Pure Data at the PdWeekend 2013 event. PD Weekend is a series of events around electronic art and Pure Data. For further informations about the PdWeekend on CrashSpace : PdWeekend_2013. The patchs and the documentation of the presentation are available on this link : Documentation.

Savante Banlieue

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